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Alaskan Town Celebrates Independence Day By Launching Cars Off Cliff (Watch)


^Hundreds of spectators show up to watch cars get launched off a cliff on the 4th of July. ‘MERICA!

Welp. We just found our new favorite thing on the internet.

Glacier View River Retreat in Chickaloon, Alaska celebrates the 4th of July better than anybody else in the entire damn country.

Rather than sticking to the standard fireworks, hot dogs, and beer, they launch beater vehicles off a cliff for hundreds of people watching down below.

But don’t worry. There’s nobody in the cars. (For obvious reasons)

Yes. This town gathers at a campsite to watch old cars crash spectacularly on a huge cliff. It’s amazing. I don’t think there’s anything more American out there.

Check out some of the videos posted to Facebook.

The videos above are the only two I’ve found thus far from this year, but I’m pretty sure another dozen or so cars were launched. I’d love to see more clips if you have them! Just shoot ’em over to me: matt@unofficialnetworks.com

The video below is a compilation of last year’s festivities. I could watch these clips all damn day.

[embedded content]

I need Andrew Callaghan from Channel 5 to attend this event next year more than anything. I’d die to see what footage him and his team could capture of the people who show up to the Glacier View Car Jump.

I’m sure there’s a cast of characters there that we’d all get a kick out of.

Here’s to the good folks at Glacier View Retreat and all that were involved in the car jump. You have a fricken awesome way to celebrate the 4th of July.

Don’t change a damn thing!

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