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Hiker Has Tense Encounter With Bear On Narrow Trail (Watch)


A hiker in Washington state had a tense encounter with a bear while he was traveling on a narrow trail. He recorded the encounter using his phone in one hand, and a can of bear spray in the other.

He doesn’t appear too concerned that the bear wants to cause him any harm, but he continues to back up to give the bear space and has his finger on the trigger of the bear spray just in case.

Video posted to Facebook by Yuriy Trebushnoy

Sometimes you have to share the trail with wildlife, in this case a bear.

Things to keep in mind:
– Don’t Panic! Chances are the animal is just trying to get from Point A to Point B and you happen to be in the middle, find a spot on the trail where one of you can go around.
– Keep calm, never turn your back or run, just walk backwards slowly to give the animal some space.
– Animals often communicate in body language, learn what to look for (black bears grind there teeth, pounce, and last resort will do a bluff charge if they are scared or nervous but usually they don’t show any signs of aggression towards humans).
This was my 9th bear encounter and even though he was within 10 feet of me, I didn’t feel the need to spray him just had the spray as a precaution.

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