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Luckiest Anchovy Makes Successful Leap Towards Freedom (Funny)


Picture this: you’re an anchovy, living your life, swimming around, enjoying the ocean and munching on some plankton. Life is good. Then, out of nowhere, BOOM, you’re in the mouth of a whale, about to be swallowed. But you have a life to life, an anchovy lady friend or boy friend, maybe even a school of anchovy children. You can’t be eaten by this whale! There’s so much more for you to give the world! So you seek escape. The whale hasn’t closed its mouth yet. There’s still a chance, so you leap up and see it: escape, freedom, the entire life you’re yet to live. You land in the beautiful ocean and swim away, thankful you’re able to see another day.

That seems to be what happened with the anchovy seen in this video posted by @slatermoorephotography on Instagram. Did this fish actually see his life flash before his eyes? Did he actually think about his kids? Did he even actually choose to make the leap for freedom? No, almost definitely not, but it’s fun to think about.

Image Credit: @slatermoorephotography on Instagram

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