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Minnesota Ski Patrollers Receive Recognition For Saving Man’s Life


Three ski patrollers at Wild Mountain in Minnesota are set to be recognized on Sunday, August 7th for saving the life of 58-year-old Charlie Mehr back in December of 2021, according to CBS Minnesota. Patrollers Mike Palkowitsch, Mark Mullozzi and Eric Barber all jumped into immediate action when Mehr went into cardiac arrest while waiting to board the lift, hooking him up to an AED and restoring his heart to its normal rhythm.

According to CBS, the AED log file stated that Mehr had only a 10% chance of survival, but the three men made that 10% work. Mehr received triple bypass surgery, returning him to health, and on Thursday, August 4th, he was able to meet the patrollers who rescued him.

I’m incredibly glad to hear that these patrollers are gaining some form of recognition for their heroism. I think it’s too often that the many different forms of health and rescue personnel go unnoticed, despite saving lives every day, and the ski patrol is absolutely no different. Massive shoutout to Palkowitsch, Mullozzi, and Barber for their actions, and a huge shoutout to every ski patroller who works tirelessly to keep us safe on the mountains.

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Image Credit: WCCO – CBS Minnesota via YouTube

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