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Spelunkers Find And Rescue Missing Dog In 24 Mile Long Missouri Cave


When a pet goes missing, it can be difficult to hold onto your hope. Where I grew up, if a cat or dog disappeared into the woods and was gone for more than two or three days, it was often assumed that a coyote or fisher more than likely got to it before it could return home for dinner. That’s part of the sad reality of owning a pet: sometimes they disappear. Maybe reading this story, however, will help you to keep the hope alive if you ever find your dog or cat missing.

Abby the dog went missing in Perry County, Missouri on June 9th. It’s very easy to understand that after nearly a month of not returning, her owner had assumed the dog was gone for good. Thankfully, however, a group of spelunkers, while exploring the Tom Moore Cave system, stumbled upon the missing pup. According to Fox2Now, the approximately 24.5 mile long cave system does have running water and different fish and crustaceans, but Abby was found in an area of complete and total darkness. The time period in which Abby was stuck in the cave is unknown, but, somehow, she was able to stay alive.

Rick Haley, who posted the story to Facebook, is a trained cave rescuer. When one group of spelunkers found the dog and notified the rescuer, he and Gerry Keene worked together to bring her to the surface. With the assistance of Biehle Assistant Fire Chief Robert Cahoon, they were able to find Abby’s owner and return her to her home. Big shoutout and thank you to everyone involved in the rescue. All dogs deserve a happy life, and though Abby may have experienced a rough patch, there’s now hope that she’ll be able to properly enjoy the rest of her time on earth.

Image Credit: Rick Haley via Facebook

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