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Arrogant Tourist Thinks She Can Pet Huge Bull Moose (Video)


Epic Facepalm GIFs | Tenor

Epic Facepalm GIFs | Tenor

I facepalmed so hard watching this video that I have a red handprint strewn across my forehead. No joke. I’d post a picture, but I don’t think y’all really wanna see that…

The woman in the video might be the most arrogant person I’ve ever seen. She insists that she can go pet the bull like she’s the moose whisperer or some shit.

Where do these people come from?!

Her husband might be even worse for his commentary. He keeps saying ‘There goes my wife…’ and ‘…this is proof for the doctors’.

Like, hey buddy, maybe put the damn phone down and do something about your idiotic wife before she gets trampled to death by a 1,500 pound moose?!

I don’t know… just a thought.

Thankfully they weren’t harmed, but they were really asking for it.

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