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Good Samaritan Saves Man Lost In New Mexican Wilderness For 3 Weeks


Most of the time, when you go on a hike, you can generally expect to see some people here and there. Going for a normal hike only to end up saving a person’s life, on the other hand, is probably not an expected event. New Mexico hiker Speedy Holmes was, like most of us, probably not thinking he’d wind up doing exactly that.

“I had seen just bags in the middle of nowhere, you know, and there’s not much human– bags that should be hanging around out there, you know? So that’s what really caught my attention.” – Speedy Holmes

KOB4 reports Holmes eventually came across the lost hiker, Chris, who had been stuck in the New Mexico wilderness since November 7th, 3 weeks prior to his rescue, after getting lost in a snowstorm.

“I said, well, ‘what brings you out here,’ and for him, it was just– he had a life decision to where, you know, we all hit those rock bottom moments, and he had that one moment. And he came out here and decided he wanted to turn back around” – Speedy Holmes

After sharing the last of his water and other supplies, Holmes carried Chris on his back for two miles, meeting rescue crew to return the man to safety. Huge props to Speedy Holmes for searching for the person responsible for the bags and getting Chris to safety. This world is better off with people like him living in it.

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Image Credit: KOB 4 via YouTube

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