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Is Lamborghini’s Huracán Sterrato The Sickest Whip For The Mountains?


Lamborghini is moving further and further away from gas powered vehicles and, this past Wednesday, the company officially revealed its final purely gas-powered supercar.

The Lamborghini Huracán, first introduced in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show, is gorgeous. Shaped to represent the form of a carbon atom and built with a full-LED lighting system, every model in this line will catch your eye. But the Huracán Sterrato is unlike any of its older siblings.

While most cars are built for the road, the Sterrato is built for the dirt (sterrato literally means “dirt road” in Italian). A rooftop air intake brings air into the vehicle’s engine while allowing dirt to remain on the exterior of the car, and the car sits 44mm higher with a larger track width than the Huracán EVO, creating further suspension travel. It also features roof rails, so reaching the mountains in this beauty won’t be a problem.

“It’s a completely different Lamborghini. It’s for the guys here in Italy that go skiing. You go to the Dolomites and you have a quite cool car where you can put your skis, your snowboard, your kite surfer, or you’re in California, you can put your surfboard on top.” Mitja Borkert, lead designer with Lamborghini

While the car is not yet available, CNN reports that production will begin in February at Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory in Italy. Prices for the United States market are yet to be announced, but, in Europe, the car will start at €263,000.

The Huracán Sterrato could definitely be a sick ride up to the mountains. You would defiantly turn a ton of heads as you pulled into the parking lot with a set of skis and a snowboard on top, no doubt about it (though I’m not sure I’d want to park it in a ski resort’s parking lot with the risk of scratches…)

Image Credit: Lamborghini via Instagram

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