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Vancouver Island Dog Rescued After Surviving Seven Days On A Cliff Ledge


Luna, a mastiff-retriever cross owned by the Schaerer family, who went missing last month, was found alive seven days after disappearing, according to CTV News. The dog, who disappeared on Vancouver Island, was found by the pet rescue group ROAM, hanging onto the ledge of a cliff.

“It was terrible because it was getting colder and she always sleeps next to me or my daughter.” – Saryta Schaerer

Ron Cheeke heard cries from across Finlayson Arm, an inlet located on the island, recording the dog’s calls and notifying ROAM before setting out to search for the pet himself. After extensive searching, a team was able to locate the pup and return her to safety.

“I almost fell over when I saw her, it was quite exciting. I was so excited, she was too. Her butt was wiggling from left to right.” – Schaerer

ROAM volunteer Andy Carswell wants this story to act as a message to all pet owners. Don’t give up on your dogs or other animals when they go missing, as they won’t give up on you.

“Sometimes they come back in an hour, sometimes it’s a day, sometimes its seven, like Luna. Just don’t give up, have faith.” – Andy Carswell

According to petcolove.org, 93% of lost dogs are eventually found alive, and 20% return home on their own. 21.9% of non-microchipped dogs are returned to their family after going missing, while 52.2% of microchipped dogs are reunited with their loved ones.

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Image Credit: CTV News via YouTube

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