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Marcus Caston Takes Olympic GS Skier To Alaska (Video)


Marcus Caston’s awesome ‘Return of the Turn’ series is back with a brand-new episode.

This time around, Caston takes up-and-coming ski racing phenom River Radamus up to Alaska for a legendary heli skiing trip.

Will Radamus’ skills on the GS course translate to skiing big backcountry lines? Give the episode a watch to find out.

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Return Of The Turn: “What happens when you take one of the fastest skiers on the planet, and bring him to Alaska? We have been super fans of River Radamus and his ability to turn a ski for a long time now. He is truly a master of his craft, which is making the hottest nastiest arcs you’ve ever seen. But how would those huge edge angles hold up in the cold Alaskan powder at Majestic Heli Skiing? Pretty darn well.”

It’s gotta be so cool to be that good at skiing. Think about it.

Imagine being such a damn good GS racer, going heli skiing for the first time with very little freeriding experience, and being so good that you impress Marcus Caston.

Must be nice to be River Radamus.

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