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WATCH: Snowboarder Triggers Dangerous Avalanche Near Mt. Baker


A snowboarder is lucky to be alive after triggering a large avalanche near Mt. Baker, Washington.

Ryan Sherwood was riding in the Mt. Baker wilderness when he triggered a wind slab on a convex rollover above tree line.

His description of the slide is included after the video:

*NOTE: The avalanche took place on December 4, 2022.*

[embedded content]

Ryan Sherwood: “Unfortunately, I triggered an avalanche in the Mt Baker Wilderness on 12/4/2022. This was on a Level 2 moderate day. The aspect was Northwest at about 4800′ elevation just outside the Mt Baker Ski Area. This was a wind slab. I had ridden all day with no signs of avalanches anywhere else, I felt confident in the snowpack.

This slab was triggered on a convex roller above treeline. The crown was 20′ above and I was in the middle of the slab when it broke. It was about a 2 foot crown. There were big chunks of debris. I was riding with a partner who was prepared to take the necessary steps to dig my out. Luckily, I was able to stay on top and ride away injury free. I got lucky this time.”

Please stay safe out there, friends!

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