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This Portable Snowboard Footrest Uses Hook & Wire To Attach To Chairlift (Doubles As Lock)


If balancing your board on your toe for a lift ride up is too much to bear you might like this product. The Ride Easy Line is a combination footrest and board lock that hooks on to a chairlift’s safety bar to give your foot a rest while you upload.

I can imagine some resorts banning these things to avoid offloading pileups caused by people getting tangled because they forget they’re hooked on. What do you think of this gizmo?

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The Ride Easy Line’s patented technology keeps you safe on and off the chairlift. When you’re ready to get off the chairlift, simply nudge the hook off the bar and watch the hook auto-align as it self-retracts into the housing within one second.


Built with the strongest and most wear resistant plastic and steel materials on the market, the Ride Easy Line can support over 100 lbs of pulling force. It’s also snowproof so you can shred hard on the slopes in the toughest conditions.


The Ride Easy Line doubles as a portable snowboard lock so you never have to worry about leaving your board on the racks. At 55 cm long, it can wrap around any rack and multiple boards. Enjoy your lunch and extra time with friends.  

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