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College Student Killed In Skiing Accident At Cannon Mountain


Last week, New Hampshire saw two skier deaths. The first was Sydnie Quimby, a fifteen-year-old high school student, which occurred last Monday at Gunstock. On Wednesday, the second death occurred at Cannon Mountain.

WMUR reports that the skier was identified as Ben Bennett, who was a twenty-one-year-old who lived in New Hampshire. He was studying Neuroscience at the University of New Hampshire and was described as compassionate and energetic.

Lucas Pitkin, who was a friend of Ben’s, described his personality to WMUR:

“[Ben] was the kind of person who was always in a good mood and always projecting that onto everyone else. He really did bring out the best in people.”

Ben was skiing at Cannon with three other friends on Wednesday. While they were experienced skiers, conditions were very hazy. His friends became worried when they hadn’t heard from him for over an hour, and began to search around the mountain. His body was found in the woods of the Upper Ravine trail, and he was pronounced dead later in the day.

We here at Unofficial Networks send our condolences to Bennett’s family and friends during this challenging time.

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Image/Video Credits: Cannon Mountain, WMUR/Lucas Pitkin

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