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National Parks Service- ‘It’s Sploot Season’

The National Parks Service (@nationalparksservice) is a must-follow on Instagram. Their posts are constantly making me laugh, and whoever is running their account...

The French Call This “Extrême Carving”

Sincerely wish I could understand the commentary but when you see one dude holding a tape measure next to a slalom limbo pole...

Scottish Rescue Teams Trial Drones to Find People Lost in the Mountains

15th April 2022New drone technology is allowing mountain rescue teams to improve how they search for people who get stuck and stranded...

VIDEO: BC Mountain Biker Goes Huge Over Road Gap

“One for the books today cant thank my friends enough for backing my crazy idea. 40×55 but over shot and went 50×65 measured.” Cheers...

Inaugural Shackleton Medal For Protection of the Polar Regions Announced

Congratulations to glaciologist Dr. Heïdi Sevestre who was awarded the first inaugural Shackleton Medal for the Protection of the Polar Regions.  The pioneering...