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GoPro Highlights From The Nines 2022 @ Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Check out this sweet little 3-minute highlight package from the The Nines 2022. The yearly gathering combines world’s best freestyle skiers and snowboarders...

Jesper Tjäder’s Lines at Audi Nines Were Nauseatingly Incredible (Video)

Leave it to the Swedish freestyle skiing god Jesper Tjäder to nearly make me puke this Monday morning. His POV footage from Audi Nines...

Obviously French Canadians Race Snow Blowers For Fun

Ready, Set, BLOW! This is possibly the most Canadian thing ever. The French Canadian town of Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski holds an annual snowblower race at their winter...

Gold Medalist Shreds Powder at Mount Bohemia

Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Baumgartner returned to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as a hero. His local town threw him a parade, he made a...

Forecasting Suggests Stormy End to March

STORMY END TO MARCH 03/21/2022 March has been kind to snow lovers so far, and after a short break, it will continue to do so....