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Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort Auctioning 175 Chairlifts To Benefit Fire And Rescue

175 old chairlifts from Jack Frost Big Boulder Resort in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, are set to be auctioned off beginning at 12pm ET...

Skier Faceplants Into Bonfire (Insane Video)

Just a few people drinking, smoking, and jumping skis near a bonfire… what could possibly go wrong? Oh I don’t know… Maybe the skier...

Schweitzer Breaks Ground On $22 Million Employee Housing Development

Schweitzer, Idaho is amongst a growing list of ski resorts across North America that are investing millions of dollars into employee housing initiatives. Resort...

Red Bull Raid- The Future of Big Mountain Competitions (Event Recap)

Skiing and snowboarding events have felt stale in recent years. Sure, it’s still fun to watch the best athletes go big on gnarly terrain,...

PSA: Don’t Be Like These Dumb*sses At Yellowstone (Watch)

Yellowstone National Park does an excellent job of placing signage to warn guests abut the extremely dangerous thermal areas of the park....