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How Timberline Lodge Farms Snow To Stay Open All Summer (Watch)

Pretty cool little video here by Timberline Lodge. It’s 4 years old, but it shows how the ski resort ‘farms’ snow to keep the mountain...

VIDEO: Snowboarder Triggers Avalanche in Colorado’s Front Range

Quick video reminder from the folks at Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) that although moderate, avalanche conditions persist in Colorado’s front range as...

Astronaut Snaps Picture of Keystone From Space

^Shane Kimbrough Astronaut Shane Kimbrough was aboard the International Space Station this time last year and managed to snap an incredible picture of Keystone...

7 Days in Les Menuires

14th February 2022 | Natasha Cove, Les Menuires, France.It is one of the best locations to access the mighty 3 Valleys ski...

Kayakers Encounter Killer Whales (Watch)

A group of kayakers enjoyed a beautiful encounter with a pack of killer (orca) whales off the coast of Norway in the video...