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Crystal Ski Heads to Bosnia & Herzegovina

20th September 2022The area offers budget ski breaks that are around £200 cheaper than other comparable resorts. TUI Airways is also launching...

The Dyatlov Pass Incident Is A Macabre Mountaineering Mystery

ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Pat Donahue  Dyatlov Pass is located in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The Dylatov Pass incident refers to an “incident” in 1959 when...

This Maryland Ski Resort Is Home To a World-Class Controlled Whitewater Course

Did you know that Wisp Resort, located at Deep Creek, MD, is home to a world-class whitewater course? Adventure Sports Center International operates the...

Roof Avalanche Nearly Buries Russian Family (Crazy Video)

If enough snow builds up on a rooftop, and suddenly falls onto to somebody below, it can be deadly. Roof avalanches, or roofalanches,...

National Parks Service- ‘It’s Sploot Season’

The National Parks Service (@nationalparksservice) is a must-follow on Instagram. Their posts are constantly making me laugh, and whoever is running their account...