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Western Michigans Oldest Ski Resort Closes for the Season Due to Rain

Climate change strikes again. Following a large rain and wind storm two weekends ago, Timber Ridge Ski Area in Gobles, Michigan announced on...

VIDEO: Kid Snowboarder Rescued After Dangling From T-Bar

After an unsuccessful attempt to rescue this kid snowboarder using a precariously positioned extension ladder, ski patrol opted for the age old blanket...

FOR SALE: Jackson Hole Chairlift

476 shares By Ian Wood | March 3, 2022 10:49 am ET ...

Spring Skiing Vibes In The Arapahoe Basin Parking Lot

Paddy O does his best late-night television ‘man on the street’ gag in Arapahoe Basin’s parking lot by asking skiers about spring skiing. What is...

VIDEO: Surfer Comes Insanely Close To Landing 360 Kickflip

“We all knew this day was coming.” –Richie Jackson Sh*t just got interesting down The Surf Lagoon in Waco, Texas where Brad Flora came...