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Zeb Does Duluth- Zeb Powell’s Snowboard Domination Continues

There’s not a hotter name in all of snowboarding than Zeb Powell, and I’ll fight anybody who thinks differently. The kid is only 21...

Killington Adds Bonus Hour For Superstar Express

^Webcam capture of Superstar on May 9th at 10:45AM ET. Killington announced late last week that their iconic Superstar Express Quad will now spin...

Skier Escapes Ski Patrol at Vail Resorts Property (Funny Video)

We have a classic skier vs. ski patrol situation on our hands this morning. The video below shows a skier ducking a rope...

Insane DJ Paraglides Over The Alps

I’m not a fan of people playing music while they’re skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or hiking, but even I can admit that this...

Avalanche Deaths Down by a Third in Switzerland

18th April 2022Low levels of snow across the Swiss Alps and some generally stable conditions prevailed according to a new report from...