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Looping The Loop…Hardest Ski Trick From 1935

In today’s parlance we might call this a pole plant front flip but back in 1935 it was known as “Looping The Loop.”...

BREAKING: Blackhawk Helicopter Crash Reported in Mineral Basin (Snowbird)

^Mineral Basin, Snowbird. Credit: Ski Utah This is a breaking story with very little information at the moment. We will continue to update this...

Nosy Moose Calf Peers Into Living Room

The video below shows a nosy moose calf looking into a family’s living room in Spirit Lake, Idaho. She is just inches away...

WATCH: 21-Year-Old Candide Thovex Throwing Down In 2003

Ski movie studio Matchstick Productions recently shared a vintage clip of Candide Thovex hitting big features during a summer session at Timberline Lodge...

Gray Whale ‘Kidnaps’ Boat

^Gray whale just went Captain Phillips pirate on this boat. Who needs wind or a motor when you can summon a gray whale to...