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Utah Ski Retailer Rents Out Entire Resort For Employee Appreciation Day

“L9 would be nothing without our incredible staff of hard charging skiers and snowboarders, and we can’t thank them enough for another stellar...

VIDEO: Pissed Off Bull Elk Attacks Yellowstone Park Ranger Vehicle

Never underestimate the aggression of an elk in rut. Male elk weigh around 700lbs, pair that with 4 foot antlers and hair trigger...

Camelback Resort Being Sued For Last Season’s Chairlift Incident

^Pin marks roughly where the incident occurred. A father and his two children were seriously injured last season when a chair they were riding...

The Joyous Misery of Being A Skier

You know those memes about people who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee? They usually go something like, “Don’t talk to...

1987 Telemark Instructional Video Has Me Shopping For Banjos

“The Telemark Movie is a step by step user-friendly instructional progression for learning downhill skiing techniques on cross-country skis, especially the Telemark turn....