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VIDEO: Oregon Fisherman Lands Monster Sturgeon On Barbie Rod

Anglers can spend a lifetime trying to land a whooper sturgeon but to do it when you’re trying to make a gimmicky...

Two British Brothers Lucky to be Alive After La Plagne Avalanche

10th April 2022One was buried under the snow for 15 minutes while the other managed to free himself. 50 people were involved...

Collecting The Poop Of Killer Whales To Expand Conservation Efforts (Video)

“Working with large, wild predators is always challenging. With land animals, you might use anesthesia to sedate and then gather your sample, but...

National Snow Show is Three Weeks Away

22nd September 2022The UK’s only national ski & snowboard show is set to take place at the NEC in Birmingham on October...

80-Year-Old Legend Rides The World’s Longest Skis

Got to love 80 years old, Swiss ski legend Art Furrer and his iconic 4 meter long skis. Art debuted the stretch skis over...