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Zeb Powell’s Red Bull Slide-In Tour Recap (Watch Here)

Zeb Powell and friends completed another year of the Red Bull Slide-In Tour back in March. The crew hit up seven mountains in...

How Dirtbag Climbers Got Rich Recovering Bags Of Weed From Plane Crash

A Colombian plane, stocked with hundreds of pounds of weed, crashed in Lower Merced Pass Lake within Yosemite National Park, California back...

The LCC Gondola Seems Like A Good Idea To Outsiders, But Locals Are Worried

The traffic heading up in the morning and down in the evenings in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon has been an issue for...

WATCH: The Highest Point In Every State

Great watch if you’re looking to learn about high points across the country. It’s always surprising to hear that states like North...

Beaver Creek Takes Down Russia Flag

1.0k share By Ian Wood | February 28, 2022 9:03 pm ET ...