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Enormous Elk Takes On Passing Car (Watch)

The rut (mating season) can make bull elk extremely aggressive. They’ve been known to charge humans and ram cars to protect their harem...

Alex Ferreira Reminds Us That Olympians Are Still Human

Once again, Vital Films brings us some incredible Alex Ferreira footage. This video is much more serious than past videos with Ferreira, like Hotdog Hans...

Did You Know Steamboat Ski Resort Has Its Own Theme Song?

“Steamboat it’s were cowboys play and folks getaway for fun.” Glorious bit of 1970’s Steamboat nostalgia in the form of a resort promo video...

Skier Suffers Frozen Penis During Olympic Ski Race

Finnish skier Remi Lindholm is reporting that his penis froze during the men’s 50km mass start race at the Beijing Games. The race...

Woman Plays Dead To Avoid Bison Attack (Watch)

What do you do if a 1,000 lb. bison comes charging at you in Yellowstone National Park? Well, this lady played dead, and...