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New Zealand Re-Opens Borders – Skiing this Summer Now On for International Visitors

2nd May 2022From this month international visitors are now able to enter the country if they’re vaccinated and Covid-negative. Summer skking awaits.New...

Two Women on Mountain Survival Course Die in Avalanche

11th April 2022They were in a party of six in Chamonix, France, with a guide when the avalanche struck. An investigation is...

Blueprint Revealed for Massive British Columbia Ski Resort Expansion

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is a generally small ski resort compared to its British Columbia counterparts, but that could soon change. The Mission City...

Start Your Day With Vintage East Coast Skiing Home Movie (1968)

The YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways, but I’m glad it suggested the video below. It’s a compilation of home video clips recorded...

Looping The Loop…Hardest Ski Trick From 1935

In today’s parlance we might call this a pole plant front flip but back in 1935 it was known as “Looping The Loop.”...