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Oblivious Tourist Approaches Elk For Close Up Picture (Watch)

Be prepared to cringe… Bull elk are extremely unpredictable during rutting season, and the guy in this video was practically asking to be gored...

BMX Rider With One Leg Is Legit

Julian Molina is a young up-and-coming BMX rider from Columbia that doesn’t let the fact that he only has one leg stop his...

Thredbo Resort Commemorates 25th Anniversary of Landslide Disaster

122 shares By Ian Wood | August 9, 2022 10:41 am ET ...

Main Chute at Alta Was Still Firing On Memorial Day Last Year

Ski vlogger MacLean Wright and friends went for a Memorial Day ski tour of Alta’s Main Chute last year, and conditions still looked...

The Dangers of Golfing During Elk Rut in Colorado

If you’re considering hitting the links of Colorado between now and around mid-October, here is a friendly heads up to super cautious...