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Armed Thieves are Targeting Mountain Bikers in Oakland

“I felt super scared … and super heartbroken,” Spier said. “I love Oakland, I love living in Oakland and I’ve lived here for...

VIDEO: Excavator Digs Trench Creating Massive Hawaiian River Wave

We’ve posted tons of river wave videos (some included below) but this is the first time I’ve seen heavy machinery deployed to connect...

Masks Return to Ski Resorts in Austria in Certain Circumstances

24th March 2022They now need to be worn in all indoor public spaces including cable cars and gondolas. Alternatively people will need...

Bears Battle In Garage (WATCH)

HOLY SH*T. I’ve seen some pretty darn good bear fights in my days as a blogger, but this one might take the cake. We usually...

Waterville Valley’s White Peaks Express Quad Celebrates Last Day of Operations

151 shares By Ian Wood | April 6, 2022 10:53 am ET ...