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Gray Whale ‘Kidnaps’ Boat

^Gray whale just went Captain Phillips pirate on this boat. Who needs wind or a motor when you can summon a gray whale to...

Colorado Ski Resort Celebrates Most Successful Season On Record

117 shares By nolandeck | April 4, 2022 10:35 am ET ...

U.S. Ski Team Doctor First To Perform “Game Changer” ACL Surgery In America

“Skiing is a demanding sport and especially those who are beginners, they might be more prone to injury or those pushing their limits....

WATCH: Terrifying South Dakota Dust Storm Leads to Blackout Conditions

South Dakota dealt with some wild weather on Thursday, particularly in Sioux Falls, which is the state’s most populous city. The Argus Leader...

BREAKING: Mt. Baker Reporting 50+ Inches In Last 48 Hours!

Just when everybody thought that winter was over, Mt. Baker Ski Area, WA picked up a casual 51″ of snow over the 48 hours!...