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Mountain Lion Tranquilized After Running Streets of Irvine, California

Hair raising day for folks in Irvine as a 2-year-old male mountain lion ran the streets of Southern Californian city, ending up inside...

Anyone Buying This Backcountry Snake Bite Vacuum Pump Venom Extractor?

Any snake bite experts out there want to chime in on the efficacy of sucking venom out of wound?  I thought it was more...

WATCH: Climber Releases Dangerous Loose Rock In Yosemite

Trundling, the act of freeing loose rocks on a rock climbing route, can be very dangerous if done improperly. The idea is to release...

Les2Alpes Opens for Glacier Skiing Next Weekend

22nd May 2022The French resort fires up some lifts on its glacier on Saturday 28th May. It’s the first time the resort...

The World’s First Stand-Up Snowmobile

first, machine, Sled, snow, snowmobile, stand, stand up, standup, up, widescape, World's, snowmobiling This article was originally published by Unofficialnetworks.com....