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Switzerland Drops Most Covid Restrictions

17th February 2022People in Switzerland will no longer have to show a Covid certificate to enter bars, restaurants and other indoor venues....

Alterra Invests for the Future

7th March 2022The US based ski resort company is spending $1 billion over the next 5 years for improvements to some of...

BREAKING: Indy Pass Adds Its First Colorado Ski Resort!

The Indy Pass, the best deal in skiing, has landed its first Colorado ski resort. The pass is adding Sunlight Mountain Resort located in...

America’s Oldest Competitive Snowboarder Is 76

Meet Dick Schulze, America’s oldest competitive snowboarder. At 76 years old, Dick still rides in amateur and professional events around the world. Dick...

Tourists Witness Kayakers Sending Massive Waterfall, Add Brilliant Commentary

These tourists clearly thought they were watching the last moments of a kayaker’s life as the boaters sent it off the famous Cumberland...