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This Is Not Considered A Grizzly Bear Charge in Alaska.

“Now was this a charge? No, not really, as a charge is generally considered here in Alaska an encounter where a bear...

Ethan Swadburg takes Big Sky by storm in episode one of ‘Fire it up’

The Swadburgerlar is back and better than ever. In this first episode of his new series, adequately titled ‘Fire it up’, the man...

FOR SALE: Stunning Vermont Home Minutes Away from Stratton Mountain and Bromley

Want to own one of the nicest homes in all of Vermont? Priced at $6.2 million, this nine-bedroom, ten-bathroom property is within minutes...

Piece Of Recent SLC Meteor Donated To University Of Utah

A meteor crashing through the Earth’s atmosphere created a sonic boom near Salt Lake City, UT last week. The sound startled residents,...

VIDEO: Exploring Senegal’s Vibrant Surf Culture

“We never thought we could make it surfing. We started with broken boards. Now, thanks to god there are a lot of young...