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The King of Spring Skiing Has Been Training Hard This Winter

Looks like the king of spring skiing on the east coast has been training Rocky IV style at Killington. You don’t get a...

Ski Lift Prank Is *Chef’s Kiss* Perfect

I don’t want to ruin the video for you. You just have to watch this ski lift operator in France prank the crap...

Colorado Resorts Pay Record Fees For Land Use In White River National Forest

Ski resorts of the White River National Forest paid record-high fees to the federal government for their use of public land in...

Bears Chase Trespassing Hikers (Watch)

The people in this video are lucky to be alive. They completely ignored instructions to not walk near the riverbed, and were chased off...

When Normal Wingsuiting Isn’t Thrilling Enough

As if a regular old wingsuit flight wasn’t thrilling enough. Check out this footage out of Norway taken by famed French drone pilot,...