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After EB-5 Scandal Convictions, What’s Next for the Northeast Kingdom?

Two months ago, the mastermind behind the Northeast Kingdom EB-5 scandal, Ariel Quiros, got sentenced to five years in prison. With the sentencing...

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Is This Climber Really 70 Years Old?

“Diduh Andrey Andronovich is a 70-years-old climber in the highest category climber. The man without ropes climbs on high rocks Perya in Krasnoyarsk.” According...

Skiing North America’s Highest Sand Dunes

Short but sweet little video of a sand skiing excursion on North America’s highest sand dune, Star Dune, located in the middle of...

Sundance Film Festival Returning To In-Person Screenings in 2023

By Ian Wood | August 31, 2022 12:27 pm ET “For 39...