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Two Wolves Strut By Car + Fantastically Corny Dad Joke (Watch)

Spotting wolves in Yellowstone National Park is a real treat, and the guy who shot the video below must have been feeling lucky. Thankfully...

VIDEO: Swan Attacks Wake Surfer In Austin, Texas

Tough break for this wake surfer on Lake Austin in Texas. At least the swan went for an ankle nibble and not an...

State’s Department of Wildlife: “Bear Spray Doesn’t Work Like Bug Spray”

Uh… Oklahoma, y’all good…? Hand up, I had no idea that bears even lived in Oklahoma, but I’m now assuming that they do based...

Québec Ski Resort Was Quietly Open Until May 21st (How?!)

143 shares By Ian Wood | May 24, 2022 12:00 pm ET ...

VIDEO: Just Watching Ski Mountaineering Training Makes Me Out Of Breath

This uphill treadmill used for ski mountaineering training looks absolutely diabolical.  Would be pretty cool have a machine like this in the basement...