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WATCH: World’s First Work Commute Using Flying Car

Jetson is one of a handful of companies seeking to bring flying vehicles to the average consumer. We might still be quite a...

Scottish Rescue Teams Trial Drones to Find People Lost in the Mountains

15th April 2022New drone technology is allowing mountain rescue teams to improve how they search for people who get stuck and stranded...

Revolutionary Hybrid Bike/Boat/Camper Hybrid Now Available For Pre-Order

272 shares By nolandeck | April 19, 2022 6:47 pm ET ...

Meet The Newest Member of Solitude’s Ski Patrol- Greta!

It’s obligatory that I post anytime a ski resort announces they’ve brought on a new avalanche rescue pup. I’m sorry if that bothers you,...

A Day For Jake Is Back- Tribute to Snowboarding Legend Jake Burton Carpenter

‘A Day for Jake’ was one of the best things that could possibly come from losing Jake Burton Carpenter. I mean, how else...