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Tour De France Rider Fractures His Neck After Crashing Into Fan (Watch)

A very scary moment on the 5th stage of the Tour De France bicycle race, as Italian cyclist Daniel Oss strikes a fan...

PSA: Don’t Take Selfies With Bison

I can’t believe this video is real. It can’t actually be real, right? Unfortunately, it is, and I have to write a sarcastic PSA...

‘Scary Ski Lift’ Is Still The Funniest SNL Sketch Of All-Time

Kevin Nealon provides the ultimate ‘weird guy you meet on the chairlift’ character, and it left me wanting more. The sketch originally aired...

Boot-Tan Fest Invites Women To Ski Naked At Bluebird Backcountry

Ever get the urge to strip down naked and rip down a slope on your skis or snowboard? Personally, every time I watch...

British Columbia Ski Resort to Add Quad Chairlift in 2023

474 shares By Ian Wood | March 18, 2022 11:13 am ET ...