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Did You Know Hippos Poop While They Fight? (Video)

You learn something new everyday, and today I learned that male hippos will defecate while fighting each other in order to claim...

WATCH: What Happens If You Step On Lava?

Ever wondered what would happen if you stepped on molten lava? Thankfully, you don’t have to try it for yourself and you can just watch...

Know Before You Go (KBYG) Launches New Avalanche Awareness Program

“If you haven’t heard, the KBYG team has been hard at work revamping the entire program over the past 20 months. We...

Pickup Truck Drives Away After Getting Tossed By Texas Tornado

Storm chasers have to be some of the most insane people in the world, but without them, we wouldn’t be able to see...

Video: Ski Resort Covers Glacier To Prevent Snow Melt

The trail maintenance crew at Pontedilegno-Tonale Resort use a white reflective tarp designed to preserve snow on the melting Presena Glacier in Northern...