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These Nimble Little Sno-Karts Operate Like Skid Steers

“Snow vehicles like go-kart but no asphalt, no noise, no pollution.” Pretty neat bit of snow tech out of Austria that employs dual joystick...

State of Emergency Set to be Declared in Italian Alps as Drought Worsens

23rd June 2022There has been no rain for almost 4-months in places. It follows a winter that saw snowfall levels down 70%,...

TRAILER: New Snowboarding Film Starring Ben Ferguson

“Excited to share this with everyone. Last couple years seemed to fly by. It’s amazing to have the privilege of spending time...

The Failure of the Mt. Hood Aerial Skiway

The Mt. Hood Aerial Skiway is one of the most unique ski lifts every created. It was a passenger bus that had been...

Saturday’s Flooding In Moab Was A Once-In-A-Hundred-Year Event

By Ian Wood | August 22, 2022 11:13 am ET The past...