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WATCH: Dreamy Powder Surfing at Baldface Lodge

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again- riding on powder looks sooooooo much more fun on a snowboard than skis. Don’t get...

Playful Dolphin Circles Beachgoers (Watch)

Beachgoers at Ft. Meyers, Florida had a unique encounter with a dolphin earlier this week. The dolphin can be seen circling the group in...

Deer Valley Ski Patrol Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Stop In Blind Spots

Thanks to the good folks at Deer Valley ski patrol for demonstrating the proper etiquette for choosing a place to take a pitstop...

Goat Absolutely SENDS IT Down Steep Couloir In Insane Video

Holy sh*t. I think we just found the most badass animal on planet earth. No, it’s not a lion, tiger, bear, shark, or...

Copper Mountain Debuts Free Snow Maze

Pretty cool little free activity now offered for folks visiting Copper Mountain in Colorado.  Not sure if an elevated perspective offered by riding...