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New England’s First Whitewater Park is Now Open

“Originally, I thought we were building surf waves. We are actually rebuilding our community’s sustainability, quality of life, and pride.”- Marty Parichand, Executive Director...

VIDEO: Bear Busts Down Front Door Like It’s Nothing

“This bear has done this before.” –Jason Priestas Wild surveillance video out of Colorado where a bear busted through a front door like it...

Smart Helmet Shares Your Location With Emergency Contacts After Crash

The Abus Montrailer Quin is a ‘smart helmet’ that could save lives in serious mountain biking crashes. The helmet is fitted with a sensor...

Skier Fails Spectacularly On Pond Skim Attempt (Watch)

It seems like there was an unofficial gathering of skiers and riders up in Little Cottonwood canyon on Saturday for some good old-fashioned pond...

Mogul Skier’s Knees Explode On Landing (Brutal Video)

How does this man still have knees after this impact? That’s all I really have to say about this video. I’ve watched it...