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Lunatic Ski Instructor Whacks Snowboarder On Jump With Pole

Someday, hopefully, I’ll live to be an old white guy. My hair will turn gray, my skin will look like soggy uncooked bacon,...

Russian Swing Snaps Above 5,000+ Foot Canyon (Watch)

Two women were riding a swing attraction that juts out over a cliff in Russia’s Sulyak Canyon when the rope snapped causing...

VIDEO: Bison Herd Causes Bridge To Bounce in Yellowstone

“The whole bridge is just jumping.” There are many reasons to be unnerved by a herd of bison trotting past your vehicle but...

VIDEO: Pissed Off Mountain Lion Released From Trap By Brave Wildlife Officers

Shout out to all the wildlife officers across the nation tasked with dealing with precarious situations like this. There was no shortage of...

Reckless Skier Causes Crash After Entering Trail From Unmarked Glade (Watch)

GoPros are really good for catching random skiing accidents happening out on the hill. You could spend literally hours (I know because...