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New Overnight Ski Train From Holland to Austria

25th August 2022The German tourism business TUI has introduced the TUI Ski Express in cooperation with GreenCityTrip. Next winter there is also...

New Bike Helmet Engineered To Be Deconstructed For Recycling

“We wanted to question the idea that safety and sustainability could not obviously co-exist in a helmet. As a protection company our first...

The World’s First Stand-Up Snowmobile

first, machine, Sled, snow, snowmobile, stand, stand up, standup, up, widescape, World's, snowmobiling This article was originally published by Unofficialnetworks.com....

High Marks For This Astronaut Shredding Sesh In Colorado

“One small carve for man, one giant shred for mankind!” Pretty clever marketing by PHOOZY Thermal Capsules who uses NASA technology in their world’s...

Ski Lift Prank Is *Chef’s Kiss* Perfect

I don’t want to ruin the video for you. You just have to watch this ski lift operator in France prank the crap...