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Here’s Why You Always Wear A Climbing Helmet

“I wear my helmet cause there are so many variables in rock climbing that it’s impossible to always be 100% safe from...

WATCH: Kiteboarder Chased By Shark

Kiteboarding is one of those niche sports that doesn’t get enough fanfare, in my opinion. Riding endlessly on the open water with the...

Two British Brothers Lucky to be Alive After La Plagne Avalanche

10th April 2022One was buried under the snow for 15 minutes while the other managed to free himself. 50 people were involved...

VIDEO: This Is How A Couple of Pros Ski Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine has been proving ground for east coast skiers for generations, so its cool to see how a couple of pros like Chris Davenport and Hugo...

WATCH: Elephant Crashes Pool Party

Most pool owners worry about birds, frogs, and other small critters invading their pool, but you can imagine a full-sized African elephant stopping...