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This Is Why Climbers Should ALWAYS Wear Helmets (Hit In Head)

Watch as a pretty sizeable rock hits a young climber square in the head, but he’s unfazed thanks to his trusty helmet. I love...

Start Your Day With Vintage East Coast Skiing Home Movie (1968)

The YouTube algorithm works in mysterious ways, but I’m glad it suggested the video below. It’s a compilation of home video clips recorded...

Daniel Hanka and Simon Bartik – ‘CzechMate’ Ep. 3

You better believe it! The gang is back in full force, as Simon Bartik AKA Simba, and the guitar bashing Daniel Hanka unite...

Spring Skiing Vibes In The Arapahoe Basin Parking Lot

Paddy O does his best late-night television ‘man on the street’ gag in Arapahoe Basin’s parking lot by asking skiers about spring skiing. What is...

Young Skier Crashes Into Friend On Corbet’s Couloir (Video)

NOTE: I’m only posting this video because the video’s uploader has stated that both of the girls were okay after this pretty scary...