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Classic Ski Mountaineering Line In The French Pyrenees

Nice little ski mountaineering mini-documentary by Alexis Righetti, that fully embraces the Frenchness of it all. Anytime you compare a ski descent to The...

VIDEO: Sending A Slice of Pizza Off 300ft Iceberg with National Geographic

“The hallmark of any grueling expedition is the ability to laugh along the way with your friends as much as possible.” A little...

China’s Eileen Gu Announces Ambassador Role For United States Olympic Bid

China’s Olympic freestyle skiing champion Eileen Gu announced yesterday she will  at will serve as an ambassador for the U.S. bid to host...

WATCH: What Happens When You Open The Window at -76°F

Yakutia (also known as Yakutsk), Russia is considered the the coldest city on earth. The average annual temperature is 16.2°F, and temperatures...

Pro Releases Huge Avalanche While Shooting For Ski Movie (Watch)

Markus Eder triggered an absolutely huge avalanche while filming for Matchstick Productions’ Anywhere From Here. The clip, which is embedded below, is set...