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Yellowstone Mail Carriers Use Ford Super Duty Monster Truck for Rural Delivery

“In 12 winters, I’ve had to travel through blizzards and whiteout conditions, but it’s all worth the effort when you see how...

28 Hour Non-Stop Ski Adventure In The French Alps (100km Traverse)

I’ve pulled all-nighters before but never in ski boots. Take a deep breath, throw on the auto-translate captions and press play to watch...

Could You Live In This Beautiful Australian Tiny Home?

Check out this aesthetically-pleasing tiny home constructed near a stream in rural Australia from YouTube channel, Never Too Small. The home is made from...

Aussie Hikers Encounter Huge Grizzly (Scary Video)

How often to grizzly bears hear Australian accents? It can’t be too often, right? A group of Aussie hikers encountered a huge male grizzly...

VIDEO: Snowboarder Outruns Avalanche In Chile

Close call for snowboard instructor at El Colorado Ski Resort in Chile,  Fernando Concha, who stuck his landing and was able...