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Snowmobiler Crashes Going 70mph (Video)

This snowmobiler approaching a bump in the trail going 70 mph…Sometimes the ‘braaaaaapers’ get a little too throttle happy, and that’s definitely what...

Montana Snowbowl Adding New Triple Chairlift and Trails

“According to the engineers, it’ll be one of the steepest lifts in the country. The lift is 1,700 feet vertical and 3,800 hundred...

VIDEO: Dog Happily Swims With Whale While Ignoring Owner’s Calls

Some of the best stories available on the internet are those in which two different animals become friends. Whether that’s birds and...

VIDEO: Ski Skydiving Over The Dubai Desert

You probably remember that viral video a few weeks back featuring Fred Fugen “Sky Skiing” where he dropped out of chairlift suspended under...

How Pro Skier Rehabbed From Torn Achille’s In Just 15 Weeks

Nikolai Schirmer took a huge crash on his first day of the season. He torn his Achille’s tendon, fractured his face, and broke...