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Power Cords For 6 Snow-Guns At Small Ski Area Stolen (Police Contacted)

^Overhead view of Coffee Mill Ski Area Hey there friends and readers of Unofficial Networks. I’m writing this quick article in hopes that one...

Abandoned Ski Lifts Come Down In France, Returning Landscapes To Their Former Glory

It’s no secret that ski seasons have been getting shorter, snow has been falling less and less, and the ski industry’s future...

Switzerland Launches Plan To Try To Save Glaciers

26th September 2022The government has agreed a CHF3.2 billion (£2.93 billion) climate action package. Swiss glaciers have lost half their volume in...

Could A Nano-Thin Layer Of Gold Be The Future Of Anti-Fog Lenses?

Foggy goggles can be the bane of existence for many skiers and snowboarders. There’s little worse in a ski day than enjoying...

European Heat Wave Derails Ski Season

By Ian Wood | January 4, 2023 12:33 pm ET “By the...