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Truck Rolls After Trying To Aggressively Pass Cyclists (Instant Karma)

All cyclists right now… Here’s a word of advice- don’t be an asshole. You can take that bit of wisdom and apply it...

Gold Medalist Sit Skier Rips Summer Turns On Glacier (Watch)

Sit back and watch in amazement as sit skier Jesper Saltvik Pedersen (@jesper.sp) rips summer turns on the slushy slopes of the...

Once-In-A-Thousand-Year Death Valley Flood Strands 1000 People

By Ian Wood | August 8, 2022 11:15 am ET “After nine...

CHICKEN SEDAN By LINE Skis Review (Watch Here)

Fall isn’t as fun as winter, but at least we get a flurry of new skiing movies, short films, and trailers. It’s...

6-Year-Old Can SHRED Her Mountain Bike (Watch)

Amelie is just 6 years old, and I think she’s my new hero. She can absolutely shred on her mountain bike! Check out...